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Isolated Modbus signal conditioners

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The CD series of digital signal conditioners allows the analog signal from different types of sensors to be filtered, amplified, isolated, linearized and converted by 24-bit A/D converter into a digital form that is passed to the PC  PLC or another system for collecting data and displaying measured values via the serial RS-485 port and Modbus communication protocol. More details on conditioners on: CD digital Modbus conditioners with 24-bit A/D converter


Humidity and temperature sensor networks

ED has developed a family of sensors that measure temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric and differential pressure in the best way.

On one USB port of a PC, it is possible to connect up to 247 VTS or VTD sensors over the RS-485 and Modbus protocol. The sensor network can also be connected to a PLC or industrial PC. Optional, the sensor can be equiped with current and/or relay outputs.

For applications in the pharmaceutical and food industry, ED has developed the VTP uSCADA program that supports the 21CFR part 11. The warranty period is 7, and the service period is 10 years. For more details, see: RH & T sensors and systems


A3-400 Industrial PC with data acquisition

A3-400 is an Industrial PC (IPC) that works with the fastest multi-core processors that can be found on the market.

The A3-400 has an integrated data acquisition system with 8, 16 or 24 analog input channels that have a sampling rate of 100 kHz or 500 kHz. The A/D inputs contain galvanicaly isolated signal conditioners. The A3-400 can also be expanded with a 4-channel acquisition system with a 1 GHz sampling rate for oscilloscope-type acquisition.

As with A3-200, the vertical orientation of the enclosure and water cooling provide uncompromising performance. For more information, see A3-400


A3-200 Industrial PC

For robot control purposes in two USA high-tech companies, ED made the A3-200, a new, high-performance industrial PC (IPC) that contains some of the fastest multi-core PCs currently available. High CPU power allow real-time calculations, as well as other analyzes and calculations that need to be done while the process is running.

Because of the housing has vertical orientation design and water cooling, this computer has no drop in speed due to overheating and can  run continuously under full load without the usual problems with high dissipation. For more information, see A3-200 IPC

For the control of Delta Robot, ED has so far supplied the "Aerotech" company  over 180 pieces of A3-200.


DAS series of USB and LAN data acquisition

DAS series are modular data acquisition, measurement and control devices that connect to a USB or LAN port of a PC. The main characteristic is galvanic isolation using isolated signal conditioners for measurement from almost all types of sensors.

The user can configure the system with conditioners for measuring voltage, current, RMS/DC, for measuring the temperature using PT100, PT1000 or thermocouples, measurment bridges,  for potentiometers, and for many other types of encoders.

DAS acquisition systems can also have 2 analogue outputs, one 32-bit counter input and 8 digital channels. All inputs and outputs have galvanic isolation of 1000 Vrms continuously (3000 Vrms 1min).

Acquisition systems for connecting to USB or LAN are 12-bit or 16-bit and work with a sampling rate of 100 kHz, or up to 500 kHz. More information is on the DAS series page.


Isolated signal conditioners and transmitters

When connecting the sensor to the measuring system, there is a permanent and high risk of "ground loops" and failure of measuring equipment. ED conditioners and transmitters with insulation of 1500 Vrms continuously (4000V 1 minute), protect against these phenomena. At the same time they adjust the different types of sensor and measuring signal levels to the data acquisition and measurement system, as well as to connect to a PC, PLC or other measuring system.

There are models for measuring voltage, current, effective values of voltage and current (RMS/DC), RTD PT100, Pt 500, Pt1000, for different thermocouples, measuring bridges, potentiometers,  4-20mA transmitters, etc. Other important attributes are high accuracy, temperature stability, lower price than competing products, warranty period 7 and service period of 10 years.


A2 Industrial PC

A2 Industrial PC can capitalize your existing IT infrastructure and economically increase the productivity and performance of each environment.

Based on compatibility with an open PC standard, A2 enables easy integration with hardware and software components into an existing network, using a common operating system, communication protocols, connectivity methods and already formed user knowledge in the application of the PC system.

A2 is an industrial PC with plug-in analog and digital I / O modules for data acquisition, measurement, and process control. Works with Low Power Vortex86 DX3 processor of 1 GHz without forced cooling. General information about A2


A7 Industrial PC


ED presents A7, our new and innovative design with an idea that integrates new advanced technical and technological solutions.

The A7 has come out much before the Intel Nuc or other non-PC-based PCs.

It is miniature (115 x 99 x 25 mm), embedded, and at the same time an industrial PC (IPC) designed for mounting on a DIN rail.

It is designed to be in PLC format by size and installation, but unlike it, it is the right PC with Windows or Linux OS and significantly higher processing power. Read more on the site: A7 Embedded PC.


Very economical rH and t network

For applications where the price of a system of critical importance, ED has developed a family of digital HYT sensors with a "far-eastern price", but with the quality and accuracy of the more expensive sensor models. The accuracy is better than ± 5% (typically 2%) for humidity and ± 0,5 ºC (typ. 0.3°C) for temperature.



The HYT sensor network works with VTP uSCADA software that supports a large number of options. The warranty period is 7 years, and the service period is 10 years. More information is on the HYT sensors page. Other types of RH & T sensors and networks are on the General page on RH & T sensors and networks

The new HYT v2.0 sensor delivers a wider range of 7V to 29V power supplies and lower power consumption. There is the possibility of connecting an additional temperature probe, which reduces the system because one sensor serves two measuring points. A novelty is also a LED indicator with which the user can determine the correctness and synchronization of the sensors.


Everything for RS-485

RS-485/422/232 converters and USB ports enable the user to access from RS-485 devices from a PC. They are galvanically isolated (1.5 kVrms 1 minute) serial adapters, which USB or RS-232 convert to RS-485 or RS-422. Range is max. 11 km. Transmission speed is from 150 points to 500 kb.

The small dimensions of the converter and the operating temperature range of -40 to + 85 ° C provide a wide range of applications. USB devices are provided with drivers for Windows, Linux, Win Ce, Windows Embedded, Android and MacOs. Transient and overvoltage protection has been built. All converters have good prices. The warranty period is 7 years.

It is worth noting the difference between these isolated, reliable converters and cheap non-isolated converters that are not for professional use. More on the page: All for RS-485.


Relative humidity and temperature loggers

VTL is a miniature, very precise, battery operated logger for measuring relative humidity and temperature. It is used for the monitoring of goods in the transport (cold chain), for mapping space, in the production and storage of food and medicine, as well as for many other applications where temperature and relative humidity monitoring is required for a short or long period of time. The small dimensions of the logger ensure easy installation in the packaging boxes or on the shelves.

More information is on the Logger page for the RH & T measurement, and the flyer is in PDF format VTL.


Electrical power supplies

Power supplies of CS Series are designed to power the devices with controlled and stabilized DC voltage . The supplies are designed for mounting on the DIN rail and they can also work with T-Bus connectors over the DIN rail and thus connect the power supply to other ED devices. We offer models of 48 W and 90 W.

The warranty period is 7 years, and the service period is 10 years. More details are on the CS Series page