Industrial PC controller A2 allows you to capitalize your existing IT infrastructure and cost-effective way to increase productivity and enviroment performances. Based on open-standard PC this product allows easy integration with hardware and software components in the existing network, using a common operating system, communication protocols,  connection methods and already established knowledge of employees in the implementation of the PC system.

A2 has no limits and restrictions such as a PLC or other controllers or SBC systems. A2 provides a real, open PC architecture, modularity, high performance, versatility and simultaneity of the options and the ability of future PC continuation and improvement of standards. Followed by software drivers for C / C + +, Visual Basic for Windovs / XP and Windows CE as well as user documentation in Serbian language. A2 is available immediately, with a guarantee period of 5 years with a very economical price.







 Robot kontroler sa 12 osa na testu

  Plugin PC: Atom or Core 2 Duo, 2GHz     Data acquisition, control and measurment   
  Ethernet 100 Mbps, RS-485 Modbus and 4 USB ports     Visualisation, analisys and archiving  
  High resolution VGA graphics up to 1600 x 1200     Applications with high processing power  
  CompactFlash Hard disc and/or SSD     High-performance PLC  
  Wide range of I/O moduls: A/D, D/A, DIO i CT     Industrial VLC (Visual Logic Control.)  
  Fanless models (Atom)     RTU (Remote Terminal Unit)  
  Aluminum case with 4, 8 and 14 slots     PCS (Process Control System)  
  Power Supply: 85 - 265V AC     Telemetry systems and networks   
  Operating systems: DOS, Windows 98/2000/XP/7
Win Embedded, CE, Linyx...
    All other PC performance and openness for  compatible improvements in the future  



A2 is an industrial PC controller with open architecture and modular concept. The controller can work using standard drives as Compact Flash or SSD. It interacts with the environment using Ethernet, RS-485 or Modbus serial interface but is open to the GPS, GSM, Internet, and other types of communications. 


A2 is a modular PC system with the so-called vertical orientation. It has a number of practical options, so that even in complicated situations can be easily applied. Generally,  A2 is the High Speed Ethernet controller and a participant in a distributed LAN (Local Area Network) but it applies equally well as a standalone system (Stand Alone) or as a mobile system. In any case it can be connected to the monitor, keyboard, printer and other options and additional PC is required even when developing applications.

A2 may use TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) network protocol standard. This feature allows the user to easily integrate the resulting data to other network resources and use them for further processing with software written by or with the help of a software package from another manufacturer.


A2 works with a number of software tools and  SCADA packages. System integrators and software developers will quickly feel the power of A2 and a short time to make application to write better software code than they could on traditional PLC platforms.

A2 has a warranty period of 5, and service period of 7 years. Time of delivery can be very short.


A2 consists of three basic components

  1. Case

  2. PC module  i

  3. Input-Output modules 


1. Cases

The first and main component of industrial PC A2 is the case or the box. A2 cases are made of aluminum and come in four sizes: 4,8,14 and 20 slots. This allows the user to choose the optimal capacity of the controller. There are backpanel ISA board and the power supply source built in the case. I / O modules included in the ISA slots are well protected from external influences, so the controller can operate in typical industrial environments. The 19" A2 version with 14 or 20 slots,  is suitable for installation in industrial rack cabinet. Solid construction makes it largely resistant to vibration, so that A2 can be installed in rail cars, ships and other mobile assets. The good electromechanical solutions enable A2 for using in military applications.

In a commercial variant A2 is resistant to mild-to-medium electromagnetic radiation and interference. In typical applications A2 is built in a metal cabinet and it is an additional protection against interference. If A2 has to be installed in a contaminated environment, when ordering it should be added the suffix EMC in addition to types of case. This type of case is designed not to miss magnetic interference in its interior. This is achieved by appropriate structural solutions and the use of specific magnetic materials. EMC A2 variant may be more expensive by 10% to 30% of the standard configuration. For details, see A2 cases.


2. Processor modules

The second basic component of the A2 controller is PC module. For A2, there are currently three types of processor modules. Each of them is a complete PC on a single board (Single Board Computer or SBC). These three models cover almost all areas of application. The most powerful PC module of A2 is with Intel's Core 2 Duo processor. The SBC has the clock frequency of 2 GHz which means it has the shortest execution time of code compared to other available processors. They are used in applications requiring high processing power. More details are on page PC modules for A2.



The second module is a cost-effective Celeron M processor and a third module for A2 works with Intel's ATOM processor and is optimized for applications that can not tolerate the use of cooling fans because ATOM works with very low dissipation (less than 10W).


Both of these modules on the front panel have PS / 2 port for keyboard and mouse, two 9-pin D-connector for RS-232 serial ports (one of them can be configured as a galvanically isolated RS-485 or Modbus), 15-pin D-connector for connection SVGA monitor, Ethernet connector, 4 USB ports, CompactFlash, and a LAN connector.


Help for the optimal choice of processor board is located on the side of practical advice in "Some recommendations for the selection of processor modules."


Watchdog timer
The processor modules are located Watchdog Timer (hereinafter referred to as Watch-dog) that is used to restart the system in the event that normal operation is disrupted by some unexpected events such as software or hardware failures, power supply voltage drop and so on.

In critical applications such as medical instrumentation, loggers or unmanned security systems requires a non-stop work and there is a Watch-dog needed. Working of Watch-dog timer is based on the hardware time components that occasionally trigger software that should be supplemented with these functions. When the time expires without a response, the logic of the timer  restarted the system by generating a non-maskable interrupt or hardware reset.


Hard disc, CompactFlash or SSD 
Processor module itself has a SATA 2.5-inch hard drive with a standard capacity of 150 to 500 GB depending on the needs of applications. Hard Drive 2.5-inch drives are more expensive than the 3.5-inch by 25 to 50%. However, smaller drives are a better solution, especially for mobile applications and applications that require components with low dissipation.

If the software application is small-scale then CompactFlash or SSD can replace the standard hard drive and provide quick system start and fast code execution.
Replacement of rotating disks with a semiconductor disk will be without any extra work for the user. The user can notice the difference between the rotating disk and SSD primarily in reading speed . Similar, but not so dramatically, it is valid for the popular CompactFlash Disk, as well as the popular USB flash drives.

In some typical industrial applications,
A2,when is switched on, has to do its unique, predefined function. In this case, it should work as a programmable controller, and these types of discs are made of semiconductor components for this type of application.


Ethernet and RS-485

All processor modules for A2 have an Ethernet controller. If the application requires a higher degree of security it can be installed and additional PC network card or more to form a fast and redundant power system with a very modest investment.

Today in most industrial applications it is communicated with the Ethernet or RS-485 serial port. A large number of
A2 controllers, with Ethernet network, can operate as a remote sub-distributed systems (DCS) at the distance of several hundred meters as follows: a) without drives, monitors and keyboards, or b) with them if you need local control or monitoring, or if required to do so for other reasons.

Industrial RS-485 interface is used for communication at distances up to 1200 m. This distance can be increased if the line is added to the ED-485-Reapeater. If it has to be galvanically isolated RS-485 driver, we recommend our industry, already well tested module,  ISO-485.

Optionally, it can be added the optical interface or another type of compatible communication link such as CAN, Ethernet controller 1 GBps or any of the standard modem, if requested.



3. I/O modules

The third basic components of the A2 are input-output (I / O) modules. There is a large number of A / D, D / A digital input-output (I / O) modules and counting modules. Every module is in the format 188 x 122 mm, and they have the standard ISA connector.

Analog input and analog output modules have instrumentation features and 12 or 16-bit resolution. Connections to sensors are derived with industrial Fenix or BNC connectors. All A / D modules have 16 channels and most of them have PGA (amplifier with software-programmable gain). Some modules have the option of adding isolated modules that galvanically isolate A / D or D / A module, or isolate the controller from the "outside world". Also, this concept allows isolation between channels. The new models are modular and have a micro modules for conditioning and isolation of analog signals.

All digital I / O modules have the 32 channels, and sensors and executive devices are connected to them using the Fenix connectors. Digital I / O modules are designed to operate at 24 V.

More informations about analog and digital I / O modules are  located on the section of I/O modules.


System dimensions

A2 is a modular system and allows you to configure it for the application needs. The user can choose the case of 4 to 20 slots and to build in only I / O modules that are needed for a given application. If there is a possibility to expand the system later, you can subsequently add analog and digital I / O modules that will expand the system to the required number of channels.

For instance, in each slot can be installed digital I / O module with 32 channels and in the case of controllers with 14 slots total number of channels will be: 13 slots (CPU module occupies Fourteen) x 32 = 416 channels of digital I / O channels.

In practice, A / D modules, with 16 channels each, are often use. If the whole system had only analog input channels, it would be a total of 208 A / D channels. If A2 with its maximum number of slots does not meet the needs of applications, the system can be expanded by adding an additional controller A2 or more in the local network.


Ambient temperature

A2 operates on the temperature range of 0 to 50 C. The largest number of applications does not require a wider temperature range, but the system with an extended temperature range of -10 to 60 C can be delivered if  requested.

Non-commercial systems, and special packaging
A2 for military applications, for working in an environment of -40 to 100C, can be developed for possible future use.



Working with A2 is simplified using the software drivers. Electronic Design provides a complete library of software drivers, and software support in the form of standard software packages for graphic programming. Standard 32-bit software drivers ED-Link for Visual Basic, Visual C + +, Labview and LabWindows / CVI for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP are provided with the system. Using these drivers, developer shall be relieved of the need for detailed knowledge of hardware systems.

Sofware packages for graphical programming application allows the user to develop their own applications, without writing conventional code, for a very short time. Applications are created by drawing a diagram of flows, with the help of ready-made functional blocks, combining a professional screen display with a powerful and versatile tools for data acquisition, measurement and process control.


Prices and conditions of sale

A2 is supplied with a quality user instruction for use and with the installed software selected by future users. The price includes a short training and telephone support if needed. Delivery is usually within a few days. The warranty period is 5 years, and for embedded PC components is 18 months. Service period is seven years. Complete price list is on the section: Prices for A2



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