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Isolated conditioners and transmitters are essential components of any industrial or professional laboratory measurement environment. Without these components it is not certainly true to say that  measurement is correct and the risk of ground loop for people and equipment is continuous. By installing isolation components raises reliability, measurement accuracy, professionalism and overall safety.


The main role of conditioners and transmitters is to transmit analog signals coming through the isolation barrier and to be reliably interpreted in its output.


Fields of application are systems for data acquisition, measurement, monitoring and process control. Applying isolation component it can be prevented degradation of the quality of measurements made with different backgrounds interference effects such as noise, transients, electrical discharges, magnetic induction, and other impediments and dangers from industrial or laboratory environment. The modules meet the specifications of UL / CSA and exceed the requirements of C37.90.1 IEEE472/ANSI.


Isolated components protect people and the equipment from high voltages and the various potential ground loops. Conditioners and transmitters electrically separate the potential difference between the signal source and measuring systems.


In this project, Electronic Design integrated several world patents which are now free to apply. These products are designed for almost all popular types of sensors and have the instrumentation features.


ED offers CA series isolated conditioners and  two-wire isolated transmitters CB Series. The third, CD series, are digital, programmable conditioners, and this series is currently in development. Conditioners - transmitters use two types of power supplies, CS Series. The first type has the power of 30 W and supplies 20 to 30 conditioners depending of the type and the second of 90W supplies multiple conditioners and  transmitters. Power supplies work with T-BUS connectors that are installed on DIN rail, and through which power is transferred from the conditioner to conditioner without conventional wiring. With this option CA Series is supported, and CB Series transmitter due to the nature of two-wire power transfer is not supported by T-BUS connector.



 Series CA

 Family of isolated, analog conditioners with instrumentation features 

 Series CB

 Family of isolated conditioner-transmitter with a two wire current loop


Comparation of isolated conditioners and transmitters.


Series CA

   Type: Isolation conditioner, 0.02%
Instrumentation linearity of 0.005%

  Industrial and laboratory measurements 
The highest demands


CA Series conditioners are manufactured in many variations (over 400 types) and they are the most accurate isolation components that ED currently has in its product range. A number of models have superior linearity which is better than 0.005%, accuracy of 0.02%, a typical CMR of 160 dB, a filter attenuation at 50 Hz over 80 dB (10,000 times), isolation voltage is 1500 V continuously, and the protection of the 250Vpp input  is also continuous.

There is a very wide range of models and types available for the customers. There are modules for conditioning mV, V, mA, A signals, RMS / DC, with an input for RTD, thermocouples, potentiometers, bridges and frequency measuring.

Supplying CA conditioners is possible with the CS via the "T-BUS" connectors that are installed on DIN rail.

Information, directions and prices are on the section:
Isolated conditioners Series CA




Series CB

   Type: Isolating transmitter, 0.03%
Two-wire power transmission 4 to 20 mA

  Optimal for industrial applications
Working in an environment of -40 to +85 º C


CB Series is a family of isolated transmitters with a number of different models and variations (over 80 models). The primary function of the transmitter is an analog signal processing, isolation, conversion to electricity and its transport to the place of measuring, using two wire current loop of 4 to 20 mA. Transmitters have a high technical specification of the accuracy of 0.03%, linearity is 0.01%, the isolation of 1500 V, 80 dB attenuation at 50 Hz and the input protection  and protection to the level of 250 Vpp.

CB Series supports all popular types of sensors and input size: mV, and mA,V signals, RTD, thermocouples RMS / DC and potentiometers. CB Series prices are significantly lower than the price of competing products, but the quality is an advantage in many areas of comparation.

Information and prices are on the side:
Two-wire isolated transmitters Series CB.


Series CS

    Type: Switching power supply
   Output: 12, 24 i 48 V  

  30 i 90 W
Mounting on DIN rail with T BUS connector

Power supply sources CS Series are designed for supplying conditioners, transmitters and other devices. In addition to these basic purposes they can be used in the measurement and control cabinets or as a stand-alone devices which require regulated power supply. There are two models: 48 W in the box width 22.5 mm and 90 W in a box width of 45 mm.

Plastic boxes are optimized for mounting on DIN rail. Power supply to conditioner is distributed by T-BUS connector or standard wiring. Power supply uses the principle of "off-line flyback" converter, operating in continuous mode. The source is designed on a platform of integrated AC / DC converter that has built-in voltage regulation, soft start, overcurrent circuits and thermal protection and auto-restart. Technical details are on the section:
CS series


More technical details

All ED's conditioners and transmitters, regardless of the diversity of the family series, can be mixed in the same application with each other, which allows the user  easily and cost-effective way of solving the specific needs of the plant. Common to all is that these are compact and cost-effective components that meet the professional requirements for instrumentation, laboratory and industrial measurements.

Conditioners and transmitters are designed for mounting on DIN rail. The modules have connectors with screws so that the mounting and wiring are easily and quickly.

On the special request of the user ED can develop and deliver a version of the module with special isolation requirements. The costumer shall specify the input and output voltage, current, or frequency, the required linearity, accuracy and temperature range. Price for this development is moderate and the cost of development will not be charged if you require delivery of 50 or more modules. Certification of these products is available if requested.


Quality and warranty period

The quality of conditioners and transmitters is high. If the specifications of these products are compared with comparable products of other manufacturers it will be noticed that the ED's modules are comparable with the best manufacturers. If you have any doubt about this claim, ask for a sample for testing or bring the sample you want to compare the quality of our conditioners. We possess high-quality instrumentation, so in the common measurements we can compare the samples and their results.
The warranty period for isolated conditioners and transmitters is 7 years. Service time is 10 years. Time between failure (Mean time between failures or MTBF) exceeds 50 years. Our customers have an additional privilege, ED's products service on the same day, and it is not the case with competing products.
ED designed automatic test equipment for conditioners and transmitters. The equipment consists of systems for data acquisition ED108, several different interfaces and software written in the LabVIEW environment. Testing is done automatically, and all the vital features are tested. Modules are delivered with a test of linearity (pictured right).The documents will be in English if requested.


Prices and delivery times

For small amounts (up to 20 pieces) delivery time is three to five days. Larger amounts (50 to 100 units) can be delivered within 10 to 15 working days. Small amounts of a few pieces are usually available immediately.

In determining the prices of these components, the purchasing ability of our customers is taken into account. Isolating components that have a 14 bit linearity and accuracy, in the U.S. cost between 120 and 200$ , while in Europe cost 120 up to 200. If we add the cost of procurement, transport and customs price of a good quality conditioner here, it will be between 130 and 240$ depending on the type. When this is multiplied by a large number of conditioners, sometimes needed by the user, the prices may be so high that constitute a danger to the survival of the project. ED has established that lower prices should reduce this type of danger.

ED products conditioners and transmitters for 25 years,but only last ten years, after long experience and knowledge (and with a few innovations) we managed to reduce the price of these products and to increase the performance level of quality which meets only in very expensive equipment.

The largest number of isolated instrumentation conditioner CA and CB series costs less than 80 for one piece which is nearly two times cheaper than if you buy them in America or in Europe.

Quantity discount is our standard way of doing business and it provides the lowest prices of isolating conditioners that can be found in sell. Importers and dealers of this type of components and equipment now have an excellent quality, high accuracy, lower cost, fast delivery, service, training, user documentation, telephone assistance, seven-year warranty and other benefits.

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